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Charging Wallbox for your parking spot starting from CHF 20 per month

Charging Wallbox for your parking spot starting from CHF 20* per month

We plan, install, operate your charging infrastructure, coordinate all stakeholders and payments on our platform — you pay only a monthly fee

Charging Wallbox for your parking spot starting from CHF 20* per month
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    ONE SINGLE POINT of contact for project and operations
    ANY WALLBOX you want
    NO APPLICATION for investment

Rent instead of buy

Rent instead of buy
All installations are done by licensed electricians
  • RENTING A WALLBOX IS 53% cheaper than buying one, even in 10 years

  • DON’T PAY FOR YOUR wallbox and installation

  • CHOOSE THE CHARGING solution you want

  • WE COORDINATE THE INSTALLATION AND OPERATIONS with Owners and Property & Facility Management Company, Hardware Vendor, Electrician and EVU on our platform

  • 24/7 SUPPORT, UNLIMITED WARRANTY AND INSURANCE unlimited warranty and insurance

ChargeEasy — too good to be true?

Even over a 25-years period of Charging as a Service is still cheaper than installing the infrastructure yourself.

View a calculation example of the wallboxes costs on buying and installing

Even over a 25-years period of Charging as a Service is still cheaper than installing the infrastructure yourself

Stay flexible and

  • Take ChargeEasy anywhere
  • Don’t lose money moving to a new parking space
  • Integrate new and existing wallboxes with ChargeEasy

Charging as a Service


Make huge investments into charging infrastructure without the certainty they will fit the market in 10 years?


Build charging infrastructure onto all your parking spots with less than 30% of spots being used for EVs?


Why not let the end user choose the right wallbox and integrate already installed infrastructure into one system?

Charging as a Service offers you an alternative:

Pay once per month only for parking spots, that are used for EV charging

Don’t invest thousands of CHF in CAPEX and create future liabilities

Integrate different wallboxes supported by OCPP* with omni-dynamic load management

Access always up-to-date charging infrastructure

Change and dismantle wallboxes without losing your upfront investment

Omnidynamisches Lastmanagement
24/7 support
Omnidynamisches Lastmanagement


Demand and information (2 weeks)

We approach your Property Management Company and Property owner, conduct an assessment of the demand with all tenants through our survey tool and inform everybody about what ChargeEasy has to offer.

Offer/Quotation (2 weeks)

We create an Offer incl. Business Case for the Owners and a basis to make a decision.

Legal (2 weeks)

With our transparent flexible contract terms for owners and end customers we create the final agreements.

Decision (2 weeks)

The owners or owner committee decides on signing ChargeEasy*

Construction (2 months)

You can choose from a variety of service partners that will execute the construction.

Testing & Operations (2 weeks)

We control and test the construction and make a briefing of all users handing over to you. You can choose if you want to be charged by ChargeEasy all in one bill or continue to pay for electricity through your electricity company.

As a result of our work you will have

The charging solution of your choice

on the designated parking spots

The option to scale

up and down anytime

Unlimited warranty, 24/7 technical support

and all-risk insurance

Control over the charging process via an app

Control over the charging

process via an app

Omni-dynamic load management

for optimal energy use

Complete scalable power to parking

(C2*) installations in your garage

Already wallboxes installed? No problem
We will integrate them into our system or replace them.

Get 6 free months
of using ChargeEasy

Sign up now, recommend ChargeEasy after the registration and get 6 month for free for every recommended and signed new customer

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Why us


Make e-mobility available to everyone
Make e-mobility available
to everyone

With Charging as a Service we:

  • Offer an alternative to costly infrastructure investments that block a faster transition to electric driving
  • Offer simple and lean digital processes connecting tenants, property management, electricity companies, hardware vendors, construction companies, etc. in our platform


Сharging should take place where your car is parked for longer periods and where it is convenient for you
  • Electric cars are an opportunity to decentralize and democratize the way we charge your cars. Centralized charging at gas stations doesn’t make sense as electricity is available everywhere.
  • Obstacle to a faster electric transition — inconvenience of charging your car as opposed to getting gas at a gas station
  • Decentralized & Convenient

    Charging should be decentralized and convenient.

  • Price-Stable

    Energy for charging your car should not be more expensive than running your fridge.

  • Adoptable

    Everybody should pick the wallbox that is best for her/him.

  • Affordable

    We want to make owning an electric car affordable to anybody.

  • We are not big oil trying to sell wallboxes or find purpose for our gas station network

  • We are not an EVU that wants to sell energy charging you a premium

  • We are not a wallbox producer who wants to only install 1 kind of hardware and earn money on the margin. We want the best hardware solution for you.

  • We don’t want you to pay horrendous amounts on infrastructure only to gain access to the world of electric cars.

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